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Texas Medical Billing Company

Medorizon of Texas is a full-service, medical billing company, which provides medical billing outsourcing in Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth,Austin, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio, and surrounding cities. We are a nationwide, medical billing company. Our services relieve you of the tedious and time-consuming, medical billing related tasks that ultimately decrease your cash flow. Our software and highly skilled coders are able work with your Texas -based practice to generate top dollar for your facility.

If you are uncertain about outsourcing your Texas based practice, we understand. By contacting us today we can offer you a FREE A/R consultation and give you FIVE FREE chart reviews, therefore you have nothing to lose by letting us manage your accounts receivable. Whether you have a small practice or large surgery center in the state of Texas, our team can assist your practice, reduce your overhead, and quickly collect your accounts receivable. Take action and contact us today for a FREE A/R consultation!